Jones Reed Partners International - MAAFARU AIRPORT

CLIENT // Abu Dhabi Fund for Development



JRPI ROLE // Cost Consultancy

DETAILS // 2200 meter runway, taxiways, Apron with shoulder, AGL, NAVAIDS, terminal building, VIP Jetty, Hangar, ATCT, ARFF, Fuels, Hotel, Support Facilities, and Service roads to accommodate and provide all services to the Airbus A320-200.

MAAFARU AIRPORT Noonu Atoll, Republic of Maldives

The project includes construction of a new regional airport namely, the Maafaru Airport in Noonu Atoll consisting of 2200 meter runway, taxiways, Apron with shoulder and Service roads to accommodate and provide all services to the Airbus A320-200. The project also included the construction and equipment of a maintenance hangar, speed boat docking hangar, construction of a jetty in order to service the adjacent island and a VIP private jetty; the project also includes construction of the airport administrative buildings and an airport hotel. The airport will be provided with all the necessary safety operational feature. The infrastructural preparation such as backfill and levelling provision of water, electricity and the telecommunication service along with consultancy services are all included in the scope of works.  Airport shall also be developed to the minimum standard and requirement of Airbus A320 – 200 and complete Certification process in accordance with Maldives Civil Aviation Regulation MCARs 13 and security requirements as per MCARs 19 and National Aviation Security Programme conducted by Maldives Aviation Security Command (AVSEC) including domestic operation to cater for existing turboprop aircraft used by local airlines and business jets.